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What is RADS?

RADS stands for Relationship Advice Drop in Service.  It is a free confidential sexual health service for young people between the ages of 14-25 and is available in a number of community locations accessable to young people throughout Neath Port Talbot. 

The service has been designed and develped for young people, by young people since 2001.

RADS Advisors are skilled youth workers who have been specially trained in sexual health and can provide up-to-date and accurate information to young people about a number of issues , for example ; relationships, puberty, Sexually Transmited Infections and pregnancy. 

RADS advisors can also provide free barrier contraception [both male and female condoms].  They can refer young people onto other sexual health and health services where necessary, this could be for advice or testing for example Sexually Transmitted Infections or termination of pregnancys.   

RADS Advisors are non-judgmental and have much experience working with young people within the sexual health field.