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Community Projects
Community projects take place at any time during the day, week, month or year. The projects tend to focus on either improving the local environment or increasing access to youth service provision for specific groups of young people within a local community.
Since 2002 we have also had a team of youth workers that link specifically to Communities First areas. Communities First is a Wales Government initiative that aims to tackle poverty in some of the most deprived areas in Wales. The projects developed by the Communities First youth workers focus on the following themes:
  • ​Jobs and business
  • Education and training
  • Environment
    • Health and well being
    • Active community
    • Crime and Community​
     Examples of community projects include:
    • ​Hair and beauty
    • Music workshops
    • Quad biking
    • Young single parents projects
    • Fitness programmes​
    • Scuba diving
    • Residentials
    • Heart Start
    • Youth work training
    • Dance workshops
    • Jobs and training
    • Video projects​
     If you have an idea for a community project, please contact your local youth worker, club or the Youth Service.