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What is the residential?

The residential section is an extra challenge, and incredible opportunity, that features in the Gold Award only.  For the residential section participants are required to spend four nights away from home with a group of people they generally do not know.  The week must have some kind of constructive purpose and will give you the opportunity to take on new challenges, have completely new experiences and make friends for life.

Each year we run a Gold residential in Margam Park.  Please be aware that the places for this course are offered to the schools first, any places not taken by the schools may then be given elsewhere, the 'margam park residential 2012' is about the 2012 margam park residential.
However if you don't have a place on this residential then thats no problem there are 100's of other incredible opportunities out there.  All the gold participants that do go somewhere different ALWAYS have the most amazing time.
Please follow the 'other residential' link on the left to see what is currently availible out there, once you have clicked the link then scroll to the bottom of the page where the specific residentials are listed under different heading depending on the purpose/focus of the residential.  These lists are updated all the time so keep going back to see what else is out there.
There are hundreds of fantastic possible residentials but you need to have the courage to book on one and make it happen for the time of your life!!!!
Any questions then get in touch...............