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Routes, ED of E and Risk Assessments

Hi all,

There is some basic information on this page for you.  As always any thing else you need help with then get in touch anytime!

E D of E
I hope you are finding E D of E a pleasure to use!  I have a couple of documents that hopefully may be of some help.  The 'quick guide' explains how to do things like create a new group when you enrol a new year group, add a member of staff if a new staff member comes on board and how to create a participant when they enrol.  The 'E DofE - full leaders guide' is an in depth guide for all the applications of the system for both leaders and participants.  E D of E is not a straight forward tool to use initially so the main message is call me when you need help, I can easily and happily enrol all your pupils onto the site if you don't have time, when most of you are surrounded by kids in the classroom I am having an easy life in my office so USE ME if needs be, don't struggle alone!
Memory Map
For those of you struggling with memory map there is a brief guide on how to create a route card on the programme availible to download.
Risk Assessments and Operating Procedures
Love them or hate them we have to have them!  Please find on the left a group of 5 generic risk assessment for D of E expeditions.  You must read through them and ensure they cover the aspects relevant to your expedition and that you have carried out the actions listed on the risk assessment.  Area specific risk assessments are availible for beacons and gower, just email/call me to get them and as above ensure you put things in place stated on the risk assessment.
There is also a blank risk assessment form to record risks specific to your expedition such as the young people, area, time of year, etc.  Finally is a copy of our operating procedures.
Expedition Dates