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Your D of E

Hi guys,

Don't ever forget that the D of E is such an amazing qualification because it shows you have self reliance, maturity and commitment.  So basically this means you have to be able to get out there and make things happen yourself if you want to achieve your D of E!

The first thing you need to do is find and start the activities for the volunteering, skills and physical sections of your D of E.  If you are strugling to find activities for your sections then there are some lists of contact details of organisations that you could get in touch with to see if you could undertake your activity there.  There are lists for 3 different areas, Neath, Port Talbot and Ystalyfera & Pontardawe.  There are plenty of other organisations out there it just takes some research to find something you will enjoy. 
Evidencing your D of E Activities:
If you want to get your D of E and go on to do the expedition then you must get the evidencing right as this is the only way we know you have done the activities.
Please download and read the TRAINING PROGRAMME 2013.docTRAINING PROGRAMME 2013.docdcument on the left and then discuss any issues with the person in charge or your D of E group.
For help with how to actually register or put evidence onto your D of E online area then download the 'E D of E Help' document, also on the left.
If you are doing an activity like swimming or the gym where you don't have a coach or teacher then use the activities log to evidence the fact that you have been doing it, download the activities log on the left and follow the instructions on the sheet

If you are doing cooking at home then download the 'cooking sheet'