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Expedition Information

If you are on this page you must have an expedition coming up soon.  Hopefully you’re pretty excited... you should be!  Get ready for an amazing experience...

On the left of this page you’ll find heaps of links to help you prepare for your expedition.  Please, please, spend time getting properly prepared for your expedition: I promise you - it will make all the difference.  The bottom set of links are the training & exped dates for your school or youth club.

There are two kits lists, one which is things you need to take for a bronze or silver practice walk, this is the button on the left called 'kit for practice walk B & S' , a practice walk is a training walk you will do before the exped.  The other kit list (kit list for expedition) is all the things you and your team will need for the actual overnight expedition.

Please ensure you read the 'how to pack your bag' document.  There is also a food advice documents (food 4 B&S) .
Remember your kit will be checked by an Expedition Assessor before you leave for the expedition, if you don't have the right equipment properly packed then they may not let you do the expedition.
Get together as a team and sort out who is going to carry what.  There is no point in all of you taking a tube of toothpaste or a can of deodorant for example.  You’ll also need to split up the group equipment, things like: tents, stove and fuel for the stove.  Decide who is going to take what.  The tent will split into the inner part, the outer part and the poles and pegs.
If you borrow kit from either Neil or your school you must return it DRY and as you borrowed it or you will be charged.  This is really important as we have lots of groups using our kit in quick succession and we don't have time to sort out, clean and dry all the kit between groups.  So if you don't do it then it means then other people will lose out...  If you borrow kit from Neil then you must pay a £10 deposit per person that will be refunded once the kit is returned clean and dry, if you forget to bring £10 then I will take your mobiles as a deposit instead! 
Ok, that’s the nagging over!  Most importantly, be ready for the challenge of a lifetime: you will have an unbelievable time and a sense of achievement that you will cherish for the rest of your life - just keep imagining the finish line!