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Simple Games​ ​ ​

click on the images to play the games or visit the Game Downloads area to download a zipped version of the game.

​Countdown ClickClock​ Dictionary Duel​

Countdown Timer, add your own music(sound compressed for online version, download for better quality)

​A simple clock with interactive hands. Useful when teaching time. Updated to include a range of faces and hands.

​Choose nine letters randomly try and beat the computer to finding the longest words you can.

​Sketchbook ​Fridge Magnets ​Wheel of Fortune

multi-paper sketchbook for use with any interactive whiteboard, or just for fun. Add your own paper or select from the wide bank available.​

​Fridge Magnets has been updated. Now, choose from four fonts easily and wipeclean the board

​an alternative with Euros is now available

Bingoin Mad
​generate random numbers between any two limits.

Customisable Games​ ​ ​

​Word Web ​Darts