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Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3/4.
This term our topic is called CREATURE COMFORTS. We will be looking at animals, what they need to live and lifecycles. We will be making homes for creatures and discovering lots about rockpools when we visit the Gower. Our English story this term Is the Pied Piper Of Hamelin and we will be drawing pictures of animals in the style of Henry Rousseau. It is going to be a very busy term but as always we are looking forward to all the new experiences.
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· PE kits as always, are needed on Mondays and Wednesdays.
· Welly walks will continue for the first 3 or 4 weeks back on a Friday to finish our Litter study. (Please ensure Wellies or outdoor shoes are brought in.)
· Homework will be given on a Monday and must be returned on a Friday (if not children will miss some of their Golden Time to complete it)
· Mrs Felton will continue to hear all readers on a Tuesday. If a book needs to be changed let me know. Some Pupils will no longer use the Ginn Reading Scheme as discussed in Parents evenings.
· Mrs Bannister-Findley is continuing to do a project with the class to rejuvenate the back corridor and we are all very grateful for her help and support.
· There will be a trip planned for later in the term to the Gower. A letter will be sent out nearer the time.
· A cricket coach will be coming into school to work with the class on a weekly basis.
· Guitars will continue on a Wednesday as normal.
· A test week will be held in May (letters out on Friday) Please ensure all pupils are in school for this.
Library Books need to be brought in on a Friday.
Numeracy Opportunities
·         Fractions and Percentages on creatures found in habitats
·         Calculating the price of home they will build for a creature
·         Use standard units of measurements when creating projects
·         Ordering events – lifecycles
·         Using calendars to plan events
·         Temperature in different habitats
·         Venn / Caroll diagrams
·         Extracting and interpreting information from charts, timetables, diagrams and graphs
·         Construct bar charts / bar line graphs and tally charts
·         Place value, ordering, estimating, rounding
·         Mental calculation strategies (+-x÷)
·         Measures, scales, shape, space and symmetry
·         Multiples
·         Fractions, decimals and proportions
·         Time
·         Handling data
·         Comic Life, Book Creator, Toontastic, Filming oracy work (I-pad)
·         Sending Emails
·         Slideshows, graphs, keys, word processing (textease)
Literacy Opportunities
·         Comprehensions on habitats
·         Welsh vocabulary for creatures / habitats / position
·         Create and present power-point on habitats
·         Role Play opportunities
·         Persuasive language – Advert for their creature home “Creature Comforts”
·         Question and answer poetry
·         Calligrams
·         Recounts of visits
·         Narrative – Pie Corbett - Hamelin
·         Role play
·         What do animals need to survive?
·         Life Cycles
·         Food Chains
·         Rock Pool habitats
·         Making Keys – ICT
·         Natural and man-made substances
·         How materials are formed and produced
Art and Design Technology
·         Create a new home for a creature
·         Clay modelling of animals
·         Paper mache masks of creatures
·         Recreate pictures in the style of Henry Rousseau
·         S.E.A.L
·         Creation stories
·         Ben Bwgan Brain
·         Everday patterns
·         Creatures that live in Wales
·         Cantre Gwaelod
·         Summer / Animal songs
·         Class orchestra
·         Salt, Pepper, Vinegar, Mustard
·         Athletics
·         Cricket
·         Rounders
·         Tennis