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Rights Respecting School/Ysgol sy'n parchu hawliau


Our Councillors

Year 2

Catalin & Lilly C

Year 3

Rosa & Aaron

Year 4

William D & Madeline

Year 5

Chloe & Cyran

Year 6

Ruby & Floyd

 May 2019

 RRS Councillors were delighted to welcome our special visitor Lord Hain to tell him about our Rights respecting journey so far. We have already acheived our Bronze and Silver Awards and are currently working towards our Gold status.

For our Right of the Month - Article 27 "The right to a good standard of living" we are holding different events to help raise money for Christian Aid.

May 2019

During Christian Aid week we are delighted to welcome a special visitor to carry out a whole school assembly.

On Friday 17th May we are selling cakes and badges as across the world there are still 260 million children who dont have full access to education. We believe it is important that every child should have an equal chance to learn and live their dreams.

We raised a grand total of £82.00p in our cake sale for Christian Aid week.

June 2019

We were very exited to take on our playground challenge. We either wore blue or our football kits to school. We combined football matches with a day of playground activities outside and health and wellbeing activities such as yoga, healthy eating and mindfulness tasks.

June 2019

Well done William Doyle and Madeline who very kindly took time after school, during a Governors meeting to explain the hard work of RRS Councillors. They did a good job of explaining all about childrens rights and the UNRC. They also handed aroud special leaflets with all the articles of the convention and gave out questionnairs for Governors to fill in.

July 2019

Sadly we say goodbye to our excellent Year 6 RRS Councillors who have worked so hard throughout the year.They have helped to plan and organise many events in school to halp other children know their rights and begin to understand what they mean. We look faorwrd to welcoming new Councillors in Year 2 and elections will take place in September. All our RRS Counillors are happy to continue their amazing work as we look forward to our GoldAccreditation visit in the new academic year.  We will keep you posted.


Autumn term 2019

The new year has started off exceptionally busy as we prepare for our gold accreditation visit in March 2020. Through pupil voice and a democratic vote we welcomed new councillors in year 2. Existing councillors were very eager to tell them all about their efforts so far and take them through special days and activities. Throughout September many meetings have taken place to plan and organise a special day for Macmillan. RRS councillors decided that during our coffee morning, which the local community are invited to RRS councillors would like to sell badges with Macmillan logo and also involve the community in some fun tasks to raise money for Macmillan.

In November the mini- police in year 6 along with our local PCSO worked together to compile a questionnaire about rights, this linked in well to our right of the month to keep safe for November. Lots of planning has also been going on to plan activities for World Children’s Day and how RRS councillors wanted to involve children, parents and the local community. We have already registered with the national outright campaign and RRS councillors decided to let each class decide on a right and article they thought was important and meant the most to them, they annotated it and designed posters about the article and right. Each class displayed their efforts outside the school and we heavily publicised this through outright and twitter. Also in November RRS councillors put up anti- bullying messages around the school and were involved in cake sales for Children in need and a local charity (Bonzo Bear) to help families linked to Resolven Building Blocks within the community.

In December children wore Christmas jumpers and donated money to Save the  Children. We celebrated our right of the month by putting on Christmas concerts and traditional carol services for the community and also invited the community to join us for carols and mince pies.


Spring term 2020
RRS councillors started off the new term asking children around school about their hopes and aspirations for 2020 to make a new school book linked to our right of the month to be the best we can be…..
In February RRS councillors have decided to be more pro- active to lend a helping hand to the foodbank in Resolven and met with it’s coordinator. RRS councillors were delighted to be asked to design posters and drop box leaflets and were also invited to see how the process works and help out in building blocks