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For teachers, parents and other interested adults:
The aim of the Healthy Schools scheme is to encourage, support and reward schools which actively promote and protect the physical, mental, and social well-being of its community through positive action by such means as policy, strategic planning and staff development with regard to its curriculum, ethos, physical environment and community relations.
Neath Port Talbot Healthy Schools Scheme was launched in 2001, and currently has all 83 schools in the borough on the scheme. We have already achieved the Welsh assembly target, by having more than 75% of the schools on board by March 2008 and 100% by 2010.
There are 6 phases to the scheme, which are spread over a minimum of 9 years. By this point, health improvement should be embedded in the curriculum, daily life and ethos of the school.
For children and young people:
The Healthy Schools Scheme helps your school give you opportunities to learn about health and about making healthy choices that will help you grow into healthy adults. Being a healthy school means you get to learn in class about different things that affect your health. It also means you get responsibilities to make your school environment a healthy place and that you get a say in what happens in school and a chance to make some decisions which will help you become healthy, happy young people.
Look at the seven health topics and if you have any ideas on how your school could be a healthier place, speak to your school council or healthy schools committee - after all, they are there to help you!
Let us know the good work you are doing!