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Are there overdue charges?
ELRS does not charge for items that are late, lost or damaged.
How soon can I place an order?
The sooner the better! To ensure that ELRS can supply you with an appropriate selection of resources, it is advisable to place your order as early as possible.
Can I place an order more than one term in advance?
Yes, you may place orders more than one term in advance. You may also place orders for multiple terms.
How many items may I borrow?
Please see our What Can I Borrow? section. Schools undergoing Inspections will be permitted to borrow above the normal allocation.
How long will it take?
If you place your order at the beginning of the previous term, we will guarantee delivery of your order within two weeks of the start of new term.
How much notice do I need to give?
If you wish to receive you order at the start of term, then you will need to place your order at the beginning of the outgoing term.
What happens if I lose an item?
Any items not returned to ELRS will automatically be marked as lost. There will be no charge for lost items unless the item has a Special Borrowing Condition applied.
What is a Special Borrowing Condition?
Certain resources have borrowing conditions applied to them. These are usually items that are on a conditional loan to ELRS where the lender has applied Special Borrowing Conditions. If one of these items is lost or damaged then a charge may be applied as part of the Special Borrowing Condition.
If I ask you to purchase resources, how long will it take before they become available for loan?
Providing that resources are available for purchase from our suppliers, then we aim to process single resource items within a week and multiple resource items within three weeks of the items arriving at ELRS.
How do I place an order?
You may place an order by telephone, fax and email (please see our Contact Us page) or online using the Order Form on this web site.
Why didn't I get the resources I asked for?
We will endeavour to provide you with the resources that you ask for but for orders that are placed late, we may not have enough suitable resources still available for loan. For some topic areas, there are very limited or no resources available and they may also be in limited supply from our suppliers.
Can I come in and select my own resources?
Yes. Our doors are open Monday to Friday during term time and holidays (except for Public Holidays). Please allow plenty of time to select your resources and for processing by our staff.
Will you collect my resources?
Yes. we offer a delivery and collection service to all of our customers. At the end of each term we operate a scheduled service where we aim to collect resources from our largest borrowers. Due to limited time available, we may not be able to collect your resources at this time but will aim to collect them at the start of the next term.
Can I renew my resources?
Yes. However, some resources (eg. Museum Items) may be subject to a waiting list and may not be renewable at that time.
What information do you need from me for my order?
If ordering by fax or the online Order Form, please be as specific as possible when detailing your request. Adding your full name, school and contact details will assist us greatly when processing your order.
Can I borrow multiples copies of the same item?
We lend group reader packs, but are unable to provide class size packs of individual titles.


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