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Workshop - Implementing iOS 7.1 in Your School

​Many schools have been contacting the IT Service requesting that iOS 7.1 be installed on their iPads.

We are going to be holding a ser ...
Hwb Event for Schools on Friday 28th March

NPT ICT Division will be holding a Hwb+ Engagement event in collaboration with Welsh Government.

For more information and to regi ...

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Pupil's Work

Mask Making by Year 6, Tonnau Primary
Drawing a mask - showing the difference between line and shading by Sinead, Pen Afan Primary
Autumn Art Competition by Casey, Tonnau Primary
Measuring and Shading by Aimmee, Tonnau Primary
Autumn Art Competition by Lily, Tonnau Primary
African Clay Modelling Mask by Tyra, Pen Afan Primary
Drawing a rainbow on the interactive whiteboard by Lilly, Pen Afan Primary
Measuring and Shading by Katelyn, Tonnau Primary
Art in the Environment by Thomas and Kyle, Tonmawr Primary
Pen Afan Primary: Ribbon Dancing by Brianna
Autumn Art Competition by Kai, Tonnau Primary
Weaving exercise by Ava, Pen Afan Primary
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