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NPT ICT Division will be holding a Hwb+ Engagement event in collaboration with Welsh Government.

For more information and to register your attendance at this event please click this link

Expires: 28/03/2014

Many schools have been contacting the IT Service requesting that iOS 7.1 be installed on their iPads.

We are going to be holding a series of workshops at Secondary Schools which will enable all schools to implement iOS 7.1 on each of their iPads.

Dates will be emailed to each school over the coming weeks


Expires: 02/05/2014

​For information on progress on the LiDW Project please click this link

Expires: 31/10/2013

The Council is in the process of migrating all centrally paid school and corporate BT lines to a new provider.


This will not affect your service in any way and all telephone numbers will remain the same.


The telephone lines will be migrated from BT to the new supplier, Adept, starting during September 2013.
As part of the process you may receive a cancellation/termination letter from BT; however, such letters are a product of the cancellation and as such can be ignored.
Any credits/debits for your BT account will appear on your final bill.
If your telephone lines are not centrally paid, please ignore this email. 
Any queries regarding this information, please contact Denise Weaver on d.weaver@npt.gov.uk


Stephen John
Head of ICT


Expires: 25/10/2013

For the latest information on school closures please click this link

Expires: 29/03/2013

Keep up to date with all the Schools activities on the Emerging Technologies Blog

Expires: 28/09/2012

​Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th July 2012, Gnoll Primary & St Joseph's Junior School are presenting an Emerging Technologies Event at the Gwyn Hall Neath.


Expires: 06/07/2012

The Neath Port Talbot Media Box system is now being used across a number of schools across the county.  NPT Schools and Support Services are able to upload new videos, pictures and audio files to Media Box and embed these resources into the Learning Gateway.

The Training, Support & Development Officers are working with the pilot schools to migrate existing media on their schools network to this new system.

If you wish to be a part of the pilot please contact your Training Support & Development Officer for details.

The site can be accessed by clicking here - MediaBox

Expires: 03/08/2012

The Neath Port Talbot Learning Gateway now has 100% of Neath Port Talbot Schools represented in the Schools Section. This is a fantastic acheivement for the authority and the Schools & Learning ICT Section aims to continue working on the devleopment of these sites with each School.

Expires: 03/08/2012

The NPTLG now allows users to utilise Google Translation services to translate text within the Learning Gateway from English to Welsh and vice-versa.

As we are using Google Translate, the translations are not always perfect, but may help you to understand our website in the alternative language.

The Google Translation Tools website is available at :

Expires: 30/12/2011
A number of schools requested a system that would enable them to book rooms/classrooms in schools.  The request included the ability to import the schools timetable information enabling staff to quickly see which rooms were available.  Schools also requested the ability to choose which rooms to display via the room booking system along with a number of other features.
This system is now available for all schools to use within their Staff Site on the Learning Gateway.
Please contact your Training, Support Development Officer for further information.
Expires: 30/12/2011

We are pleased to annouce that Croeserw Primary School and St Josephs Junior School have published their websites on the Learning Gateway.

In the coming weeks a further 6 Primary Schools and one Comprehensive School will also be publishing their websites.

Expires: 02/05/2011

We are pleased to annouce that Coed Hirwaun Primary School has published their website on the Learning Gateway.

In the coming weeks a further 8 Primary Schools and one Comprehensive School will also be publishing their websites. 

Expires: 30/04/2011

The MediaBox development is something we're really excited about. Have you ever wanted to incorporate video and multimedia into your teaching or coursework without having to burn CDs or copy files into shared areas on the network? This development promises to bring all of your media rich content together into a single easily accessed repository.

MediaBox Logo

MediaBox will be integrated into the NPTLG and will allow you to upload videos and other multimedia to your account. You don't have to worry about the format of your file because MediaBox will add your file to a queue to be converted to a web friendly format.

Once your file has been uploaded and processed, you will be able to tag it, decide whether to make it public or private, offer it for download (or not if you choose) and share it with the entire world or just a small group of fellow MediaBox users. You will be able to create playlists of files and mark files as favourites so that you can find them easily in the future. There will even be a user tool within the NPTLG to add a file or playlist of files onto your site.
MediaBox initially began as VideoBox which was simply an area to upload videos. After discussions with our user representatives we discovered that there was also a requirement for a wide array of mulitmedia content.​​
Expires: 29/04/2011

We have now added to the schools that are piloting the learning gateway. The list now consists of 6 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. These schools will help us tailor the gateway to provide the features that schools will require and to help us squash minor bugs and errors.

The current list of primary schools includes Blaenhonddan, Pen Afan, Tonmawr, Creunant, Rhydyfro and Tonnau.

The current secondary schools that we are including in the pilot are Cwmtawe, Dyffryn and Cymer Afan.

Expires: 29/04/2011

We are pleased to introduce the new Neath Port Talbot Learning Gateway, rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for our schools and users to create engaging content.

The new platform is built using SharePoint 2010 and features a new look with extra emphasis on readability and accessibility.  It is easier to use and customise enabling us to deliver enhanced features and improved content.
As ever, if you find any inconsistencies or errors, you can contact the ICT Support - Schools & Learning Team using the contact form.


Expires: 29/04/2011

Blogging may have solved one of the most pressing problems that has perplexed the education world for years: how to get boys to write properly.

A pioneering approach adopted by a primary school in Bolton has seen a remarkable rise in pupils' test scores.

Expires: 01/04/2011

Over time, we wish to extend the use of the NPTLG to include a full Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  This will build on the foundations that have been put in place to create an integrated learning platform that matures upon the concept of the connected learning community, focusing on four key elements: 

  • Access to 21st Century Tools
  • Managed Learning
  • Managed Technology Environments
  • Effective Management Information Systems with integration

The VLE will integrate existing Management Information Systems and include a powerful assessment for learning toolkit.  Key features which we will endeavour to incorporate in the VLE include:

  • Simple sign on to access all necessary services
  • Simple and effective communication, across all relevant areas including parents, governors, teachers, community etc
  • Build on the collaboration currently being delivered through the gateway
  • Personalised learning space
  • Individual learning plans, with progress tracking
  • Access to core MIS information including attainment, behaviour
  • Bringing all components together to save teachers time which will allow them to focus on value work
Expires: 29/04/2011