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April 26
Apple Developments in Primary Schools - Letter

Below is a copy of the letter sent to schools today informing them of the recent developments; including a request for information​

Over the past few months the ICT Schools and Learning Team have been working on developing the Apple solution(s) provided to schools and which address some of the issues recently raised at LLAN ICT.

These developments are itemised below and we are now in a position to release them to all schools at the earliest opportunity. 

· Opening and Saving Files        - Schools will be able to save and open files on their iPads from and to their resource drives
· MediaBox                                  - Schools will be able to save media files directly to MediaBox from their iPads ( photos and video content)
· Printing                                     - Schools will be able to Print directly from their iPads to a local printer
· Installation/Management       - Schools will be provided with a new installation and management process for all iPads
· Guidance                                   - Schools will be provided with New Helpsheets
Before we are able to implement these enhancements and changes we will need to source some school specific information to help us in our planning process.  To that end could you please forward, via email, the following information:
1. Whether or not you have a syncing station installed at school and if so; how many iPads your syncing station holds
2. Whether or not your school has a Mac and if so; how many


3. Whether or not you consider your school to require a priority installation.  Please note that we will undertake to meet any such requirement but cannot guarantee priority status until the full demand is known.

We need this information to determine the exact process for each school and to understand how long the necessary support staff are likely to be on site to implement these developments
Once I have received all school replies I will assemble an implementation plan which will be shared accordingly for comment.