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May 23
Visiting the Minister

On Thursday St.Joseph's Catholic junior school's joint project with Gnoll Primary school in Neath got under way with a visit to interview Mr. Leighton Andrews at his office in Cardiff.

The venture is part of the wider NPT Emerging technologies project. Myself and Rhys Harris from Gnoll primary took two of our year 5 digital leaders to 'grill' Mr.Andrews and kick start a venture that has been a while in the planning and involves every teacher from both our schools.
Mr.Andrews responded to my initial request via twitter to meet the children and he kindly agreed to an interview. Four very excited children had a great opportunity to visit our government and spent well over half an hour asking many, many questions including whether or not Mr. Andrews had an iPad. He does and he generously shared photos of himself as a child and photos of his mother multi-apping at home in front of the TV.

The digital leaders wanted to know about his school days, his vision of schools in Wales in the future and about his hobbies. He sent a message to the children from both schools who were unable to attend that afternoon and launched our work in a very powerful way.
The minister also said he would like to visit our schools in the future to see how we have progressed and maybe attend the Gwyn Hall for our joint Digital Art exhibition on July 4th and 5th.
Thanks to Leighton Andrews for supporting our schools and for supporting emerging technologies in Wales.

MB Daley