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Emerging Technologies Blog > Posts > Port Talbot to Hollywood with Michael Sheen - Mike Daley
June 14
Port Talbot to Hollywood with Michael Sheen - Mike Daley

​There are moments and days that you will remember your whole life and today was certainly such a day. It was action packed. This morning we played football with our friends from The Gnoll and made a TV programme and radio broadcasts. We were joined by a film crew from the Welsh government to make a documentary. On any normal day this would have been the main event, but in a week when we have already interviewed Eamonn Holmes, BBC newsreader Claire Summers and Paralympian gold medallist Simon Richardson, not to mention travelling with a writer on a train to Cardiff; today's main event took place after Thursday's film club.

It was 5pm in Port Talbot when the children who had prepared questions from St.Joseph's and the Gnoll gathered around a whiteboard to speak to local hero and A list Hollywood star Michael Sheen.

It was 9am in Los Angeles and thankfully the connection worked and after speaking to Michael's PA an expectant room breathed a huge sigh of relief and also an audible gasp of delight when Michael appeared on a screen in front of us. He said,"Bore da" to everyone and off we went.

Michael gave us over 50 minutes of his time. He was warm, generous and funny. A real natural with the children and he certainly charmed the adults in the room.

He spoke at length about his childhood, Port Talbot, his career in film, his life and his family.

Every child asked a question and had their moment with Michael. Once he had shared his three wishes with us, we said thank you and gave him three cheers. The atmosphere in the room was magical. Everyone was beaming. You cannot buy that feeling. Parents, teachers and children. Both schools.

What a project!

Did I mention what an absolute legend Michael Sheen is?

Full project work and film to be released soon.

Michael answers the boys questions about soccer aid. He also said, "Here comes trouble" as they took their seat at the iPad.
Not wrong.