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June 19
A Time to Read with Lou - Mike Daley

Today another group of year five children joined a small group from Gnoll Primary to visit Radio Wales in Cardiff. The meeting was set up via our good friend Steve Atwell who has visited the school each year to perform his one man plays from the history of Wales. Steve is also a newsreader with Radio Wales and he provided me with a few contacts.

We have already started using the iPads with GarageBand and Audioboo to record voices and sounds. We plan to create our own radio programmes and podcasts.

I contacted Mandy Osborne at the BBC and she was very helpful indeed.
Today we split into two groups. My group sat in the producer's room and watched Louise Elliott present the 'Jamie and Louise Show' live (Jamie is on holiday). We sat in with the sound engineer, Alun and the producer Sharif (The Boss) and Tammy who managed the texts, phonecalls and emails. Kate explained what was happening and the children listened while news broke. We had been in the studio only five minutes when the sad news that Victor Spinetti had died came through. The team were extremely professional and we became very aware of how much effort went into preparing for the show.

Kate was a researcher and she gave us the 12 page script plus the running order. It was clear that their job was different every day and they had to respond to whatever was happening in the world. It was very dynamic and exciting but the team were calm and relaxed. They were also very warm and welcoming. They couldn't do enough for the children.

The two groups swapped around and we joined another producer Paul Forde who took us down to the creative engine room where all of the researchers were beavering about. Paul was very generous with his time and the children received an enormous amount of first class advice on doing 'Vox pops', the importance of listening and the occasional need to pause when interviewing a politician in order to get that important gem of information.

The two groups joined back up and on the way to the studio we bumped into Derek 'The Weatherman' Brockway who paused for a group photo. Meanwhile Mr. Harris and his group met Jason Mohammad and he was great with the children.

The piece de resistance was returning to the studio at 12 noon. Lou had finished but she very kindly offered to present a news report with each child. Lou was the host, and the children took turns in using the scripts to be co-presenters, reading the sport and the news. The production team passed on instructions through their headphones and gave us a cd of the recording when we finished.

Wow! What an experience.

The BBC then paid for us all to go the BBC canteen and have lunch. Joe had a curry he described as, 'Cracking'. We said thank you and jumped back in the minibus. On the way back the children started working on their iPads. Comic Life,GarageBand and Pages were all in action.

Thanks to Mandy, Paul, Kate, Louise, Sharif, Jason, Alun and Derek.

A superb experience.