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June 13
Today Jamie Owen stole my chair!

Claire Summers at BBC Wales.bmp 

My last blog ended with the a quote "This was one day where this Headteacher remembered why he became a teacher"

Well today I have to say was another one of those moments.

The journey began this morning, when our friends from St Joseph's Junior School and Casllwchwr Primary joined us on another iPad adventure. Today we were heading to the City to visit the BBC Studios.
The journey began with a walk through Neath to the train station. Pupils and staff arrived at The Gnoll school and we ventured through the streets of Neath heading for the train station. I had organised (with help from Paul Doyle) a train journey from Neath to Cardiff and then out to Llandaff to visit BBC Wales. The children all kitted out with their iPads.
I can remember a time where I would be burdened down with a backpack full of clipboards, paper, boxes of pencils (some how they always get eaten on a trip), a camera, video recorder and possibly a voice recorder. Today I felt liberated - just an iPad and a sandwich for my lunch. Oh and a risk assessment of course!
I managed to persuade a local sports writer to accompany us on our journey. Mr David Brayley began to talk to the children about how he would always make notes of his day and these would then help to stimulate his writing. The children began to use the iPads to explore the sights and we all listened to the lady announcing the arrival of the 10:06 train which would take us to Cardiff Central Station.  Mr Geraint Morgan of Arriva Wales organised the transport to and from our destination. 

Arriva Train.jpgThe children boarded a rather full train and David began to walk from Neath to Cardiff talking and teaching the children how they could record their experience on the train. They recorded via the iPad their thoughts, images and were asked to think about the people also travelling on the train. Connor decided to interview the very nice lady that sat next to him. I believe she enjoyed the distraction from her crossword (why is the clue for 7 down always so difficult!)
Others wrote about what they could see from the carriage window, whilst others decided to film the view. Someone even tried to record the sound of the train on the rails! The journey to Cardiff seemed to fly by and we all tried to film the train coming into Cardiff especially the view of The Millenium Satdium.
Cardiff Central Station was busy and here we met Mr Geraint Morgan from Arriva Trains. A big thank you to Arriva Trains, Geraint and of course Paul Doyle for being instrumental in getting us to and from our destination. Geraint escorted us onto platform 6 & 7 where we caught the valley train to Danescourt. This took us out past a heavy industrial area of the city and the new Cardiff Stadium. Again David spoke to the pupils on how to use their notebook app to record their journey. This time he only had the intended audience.pic2.jpg

From here we had a ten minute walk to the BBC Studios at Llandaff. There we were met by Mrs Meinir Rees who brought with her two lovely guides Owen and Ceri. We were given a lanyard by our very accommodating tour guides who I have to say were instrumental in making the day a very enjoyable experience for ALL!
Our first tour stop was the Newsroom. Here Owen explained the process of delivering the news and showed us the auto cue and how they control the pace of the script by pressing a button under the table. We learned about the use of scripts, voice overs and how to fill time. For our budding newsreaders this was a wonderful opportunity to experience first hand the studio especially as they were minutes away from producing a live broadcast.newsroom.jpg
Next to the studio was the  production room and here we were showed the various roles within this room. Producer, Editor, Sound recording booth and Technical Director, It may have been dark in there but the silence showed that the children (and adults) were blown away by the complexity of the room.
Our guides continued to educate us about the history of the BBC and information was given about both the making of TV and radio shows. We ventured upstairs to the Radio Wales Studios and whilst answering several pertinent questions about the foam on the walls, the traffic lights and why were there so many clocks around the building. Time seemed to stand still in here. The boys in particular enjoyed the next part of the tour - Crimewatch studio. Although one or two of the teachers felt a little uncomfortable in here!
Our next port of call was the interactive room, here we were very fortunate to have an opportunity to interview a newsreader Claire Summers. The warmth and the friendliness of Claire certainly brought the best out of the children, the questions were both inquisitive and challenging "Are you as cool as my mum?" and "What's Derek like?"
Her explanation and her advice for future newsreaders certainly helped us to link up reading, writing and of course oracy skills.
The return journey to Neath via Cardiff Central Station was both quiet and productive. Everyone was engrossed in their iPads,  writing, creating an iMovie or creating a mind map of their plans for tomorrow. The iPads were put on charge back in school, exhausted from the use within the adventure. Pupils talked about how they could share this experience and what they were going to create - blog, iMovie, puppet pals. Did we have to find a way to motivate these children tomorrow?
What next? Who knows, but I'm sure both the Gnoll and St Joseph's can't wait for tomorrow. I know that there are two rather proud but exhausted Headteachers plotting further adventures with these iPads.
Tonight I watched the news with excitement. I wondered who would be sitting on the set keeping my chair warm?  Only Jamie Owen. I watched with admiration as to how easy he made it all look. Maybe someday.