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iOS7 Workshops

Many schools have been contacting the IT Service requesting that iOS7 be installed on their iPads.  I am pleased to let you know that all the testing for iOS7’s successful implementation has been completed.

We are going to be holding a series of workshops at Secondary Schools which will enable all schools to implement iOS7 on each of their iPads.  These sessions are being held in secondary schools to limit the amount of travelling required, in addition they will be held between 3.30pm and 5.30pm so that schools do not have to find cover for lessons.

We are allowing space for two members of staff from each school to attend.  Note that if your schools iPads already have iOS7 installed on them then there will be no need for repsentation from your school.

During the workshop IT Staff will demonstrate the process and then allow your staff to implement the new iOS on your school iPads.

We will be requesting that school bring along the following equipment to the session: 

  • 2 School iPads asset tagged with the school prefix
  • Any additional iPads that have dropped off the school network and therefore not attached to WiFi
  • Any iPads that have an NPT Asset Tag on them (there may be up to 3 iPads in your school that were donated by EDIS and need to be reconfigured)
Please remember that it is essential to backup all the schools work to your U and T Drives and photographs and videos to Media Box, especially for those iPads that you are bringing to the session.

Please click the links below to view helpsheets on how to save files to the network, media box and how to back up your iPads.  If you need any support to complete the saving of files and media before the workshop contact your TSD Officer.

Backing up your iPads

We will contact you in due course with the date of the workshop for your school.  In the meantime cllick the link to see the scheduled workshops