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Welcome to EDIS

The Education Development and Inclusion Service (EDIS) provides support to schools which encompasses the National Curriculum and assessment, curriculum development, transition arrangements and school department reviews. The core purpose of the Service is to assist the LEA in meeting its statutory responsibilities for raising standards in partnership with schools.
Members of EDIS, along with other officers, act as ‘link’ persons to governing bodies providing a direct contact with the LEA and support to governors. This is viewed as an important role given the need for the LEA to work in close partnership with governing bodies in order to promote school development and improvement in both a challenging and collaborative way.
Many individual members of EDIS have been trained by Estyn as registered and team inspectors. Members of the service are involved in a small number of statutory inspections on an annual basis. The main purpose of this involvement is to ensure that EDIS is kept up to date on inspection developments as well as providing members of the service with experience which assists them in undertaking LEA responsibilities. The work of EDIS also involves following up the implementation of post-inspection action plans and national surveys undertaken by Estyn.
Some curriculum services are provided by accessing staff employed by the neighbouring City and County of Swansea joint-working services. As part of its overall approach to curriculum support and development the LEA will also, by agreement with schools, access serving teachers to undertake specific tasks and to promote specific initiatives and to spread good practice.